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MRK Short Film
UNNOWN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
UNNOWN x Justin Jackson
Nylon Magazine (Ft. Lara Ghraoui)
Aerial Reel
Narrow down the nonsense
Behind The Scenes
Shot on RED
Slow Motion
Visual Effects
El Camino Fire Academy
The RUN - Royale Rally
UNNOWN x Sarah Lauer
UNNOWN Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
UNNOWN x Kayla Janssen
Nylon Magazine (Ft. Lara Ghraoui)
Bello Magazine (Ft. Jordyn Jones)
UNNOWN x Dru DeCaro
UNNOWN x Justin Jackson
MRK Short Film
Carbon Beach Terrace Estates
Bello Magazine (Ft. Pierson Fodé)
UNNOWN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
The RUN - Mad Road Rally
Aerial Reel
August Man Malaysia (Ft. Chad Michael Murray)
Travel Reel - Rural East Asia
Travel Reel - Urban East Asia
Aerial Reel - Snoqualmie Falls, WA
Aerial Reel - Mt. Baker, WA
Promo - Crutchley Photography
Ad - V8 Dreamin'
Ad - Langly
Launch Trailer 2014
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The Team
Creative Director
Creative Director
Director of Photography
Assistant Editor
As far back as I could remember, movies have been an enormous passion of mine. In high school I took my first video editing class and knew that I wanted to make movies for the rest of my life. Until this day I watch a movie nearly every day, and have received a lot of inspiration from many directors, such as Jean Luc-Goddard and Woody Allen - two of my favorites. After I studied abroad for a year in Paris, I picked up photography. That led me to Brooks Institute of Photography, which is where I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts. Brooks has taught me how to look at a scene or a subject and know how to light it perfectly. As a professor of mine would always say, "S.T.L. - see the light!" With the combination of film and photography experience, I am able to capture and create moments of truth in an artistic medium.
Lead Editor & Colorist
Lead Editor & Colorist
Visual FX Artist
Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Badged as "The Nerd", my inspiration lies in the digital darkroom where our era meets visual imagery. I use software as the tool and my eye as the guide to reach that final image we call the beauty pass. With a professional background in photography, I implement sharp recognition of real-world lighting into my CGI to produce composites that blur the border between fake and real. With the relentless evolution of digital, the possibilities for image-makers have reached truly limitless bounds. No longer need we limit imagination to technology, creativity is free to roam to unforeseen depths. The reality with digital is that there is no final image that cannot be realized. With this as my infinite inspiration, it simply becomes a matter of how far your imagination can roam.
We are inventors.
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Gimbal Specialist
Lead Photographer & Retoucher
I joined the navy when I was 19 years old just so I could travel the world. During my first deployment, somewhere between Portugal and Singapore, I caught the travel bug. My desire to travel opened my eyes to the world of photography. This was an awesome tool I had at my disposal which allowed me to share and document my journey in this world. Brooks Institute taught me to fine-tune my photo skills both technically and visually. To this day, I am simply inspired by quietly sitting outside and watching time pass by.
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